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When my daughter was in first grade, she came home complaining about a girl who bullied her. I went to the teacher and explained and asked that she keep an eye on the situation. A few days later, the teacher reported that my daughter was mistaken--there was no bad behavior.

Unfortunately, some people never outgrow being a jerk and continue this type of harassing behavior well into adulthood. Here are some tips for understanding and dealing with bullies, no matter how old you are. You may not be getting squeezed into your locker by a pack of football players anymore, but adult bullies can still act out in similar fashion.

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We read and hear so much nowadays about children being bullied, especially in schools and online. But what about grownups? Those who are bullies in childhood often continue to be bullies as adults.

Bullying is the use of force, coercionor threat, to abuseaggressively dominate or intimidate. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception by the bully or by others of an imbalance of physical or social power. This imbalance distinguishes bullying from conflict.

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Contrary to popular belief bullying doesn't disappear along with the acne, driving course and ACT prep tests of the teen years. In fact, it continues into adulthood and can be found in just about any setting. Aside from online bullyingworkplace bullying and even sibling bullyingbullying also occurs in families among adults.

Adult bullies target their victims in many of the same way children who bully do. While many people think that bullying only occurs amongst children, it can also happen in the workplace among adults. No matter what the age of a bully, they are opportunistic and tend to prey on people they perceive as a threat or that they dislike because of differences.

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Everyone hears stories about bullying in schools. Adults can be bullied, too. Bullying can even occur on line and across social media. If you are an adult who is being bullied, there are some tactics you can use to stop this behavior.

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Bullies were a thing in high school, right? We were told to watch our backs. Not to succumb to peer pressure.

Adult bullying is rarely addressed. However, social groups can often provide a setting for a power struggle, and with that comes mind games and the sinister world of domination. Gone are the days where the playground muscle pinned you to the wall for your dinner money.


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