Mechanical leaf stripper

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This invention concerns a compressed-gas mechanical defoliator, designed to remove all or some of the leaves from plants, particularly vines. Compressed-gas mechanical defoliators are already known that have many advantages compared to the processes and devices used before, namely manual, mechanical, chemical and thermal defoliators. In particular, a compressed-gas mechanical defoliator is known and described in document FR 2.

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Not only are the outer leaves reached but also those within the foliage wall. The burst of air also removes the flower clusters from the caps. Good air circulation in the grape zone reduces the danger of botrytis bunch rot and other fungal diseases.

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The invention involves a leaf stripping machine specifically designed for selective leaf stripping of a vine. Leaf stripping is a technique that consists in eliminating a more or less sizeable quantity of leaves located in the fructiferous zone of plants. Done manually for a long time in some vineyards, this operation, which aims to improve the quality of the harvest and to make easier the manual work of thinning and picking, is experiencing a growing interest with the development of mechanical leaf stripping.

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Thanks to special manufacturing techniques, the aluminium blade holder of the leaf cutter is itself very strong and yet very light. This increases its stability and makes it possible to work on steep slopes and gradients. Once connected with a tractor, the machine can be trailed and move. It is simple, convenient and low cost.

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The invention relates to a stripper, in particular for performing the selective stripping of the vine. Performed manually long in some vineyards, this operation which aims to improve the quality of the harvest and facilitate thinning and picking handicrafts experiencing a growing interest with the development of mechanical stripping. The stripping thus proves a very interesting operation, which matches the sake of optimization tasks and crop quality research.

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Alfalfa is a high-protein perennial forage with many nutritional and environmental advantages for dairy production. But harvesting it has always been a balancing act between quality and yield due to the differences in leaves and stems. Current harvest practices to minimize total fiber before the stem gets too mature require cutting the alfalfa frequently every four to five weeks.

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This new leaves stripper represents a last generation technology. Composed by two vertical rolls supported with an aspiration system, made of a fan, it enables the removal and the stripping of leaves around grapes. Its two vertical rolls grant to carry out leaves stripping operations without damaging the fruits, both during the period of ripening of the grapes and pre-vintage.

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This invention relates generally to devices for removing tobacco leaves or other leaves from the associated stalk upon which the leaf grows. The resinous nature of the tobacco plant and hirsute nature makes the manual processing of the tobacco leaves an arduous task. More recently, however, buyers of tobacco have come to expect that the leaves be segregated by sorting, since the top most portion of the plant represents a finer product than either the middle portion or the lowermost portion thereof.

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The new leaf remover is perfect for all vineyards, the work is done properly and uniformly, as if by hand. The simple design ensures quick and easy handling in addition to require little maintenance. The canopy is tracked by a sensor, which automatically manages the tool pressure on the trellising in real time—with no damage to the berries.

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The VRT leaf-stripper has been devised to enable controlled working in the vineyard, not removing leaves in a uniform way, as with all the previous equipment, but controlled depending on the higher or lower presence of vegetation in different parts of the same vineyard. The process we are putting forward uses a telemeasuring system to create index maps of vegetation, to be used as a guide to identify areas for high or medium levels of leaf removal, as well as a total lack of leaf removal for areas with low vegetative vigour. Together with the machine and the tractor with the ISOBUS virtual terminal, there is a supply packet of telemeasured data, index maps and management software.


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