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Topics addressed: Same-sex couples; same-sex attraction; a genderqueer character; bisexual visibility. This cartoon about a half-human, half-Gem alien warrior boy named Steven, who is raised primarily by three female presenting Gems, has had a significant amount of LGBT representation since its premiere. Stevonnie is also shown to attract male and female characters throughout the episode.

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Cyrus second to the left will come out on upcoming episodes of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. FX and Disney Channel are on track to make television history. On Wednesday, showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed that his upcoming FX '80s drama, Posewould assemble the largest cast of transgender actors—five—ever assembled in a single series.

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LGBT superheroes are nothing new. But when it comes to their brightly colored counterparts in the world of cartoons, queer representation is still sorely lacking. Though the popularity of shows like Steven Universe and Danger and Eggs are proving you can have LGBT characters without getting into discussions of sex.

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The three days of violent demonstrations marked a major turning point in the modern gay rights movement. The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental illnesses. Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician elected one year earlier to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, is assassinated in City Hall by former city supervisor Dan White.

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Mark Mason. Thirty years ago this week, Queen performed what would turn out to be their last gig, at Knebworth. Their penultimate concert, at Wembley, was shown on Channel 4.

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I was born in — two years before the passing of the act. I was raised in south Wales — at that time, a place hardly known for its progressive attitudes towards sexuality. Homophobia was rife.

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Were you so obsessed with Heathers you turned your room into a Winona shrine? It's likely you were queer for these badass female characters even before you knew you weren't exactly straight. In celebration of the most powerful on-screen personas, we've compiled a list of the most impactful female characters that sexually awakened queer women everywhere.

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As an eight-year-old in suburban Michigan, I watched Lindsay Lohan creep across a dock in 'Parent Trap' and jump into a pond naked. At that moment, I had what I now recognize as an early sexual awakening. When her character Annie went skinny dipping after losing a bet, it scandalized me, awakening queer feelings I didn't quite understand at the time. I don't remember the exact moment I knew I wasn't straight, but I remember every single childhood character that made me question it.

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And while that may have angered many Republicansand the state of Alabamawe know that there has been plenty of gay representation on cartoons for quite some time. Now that Ratburn had his wedding day in the sun, here are some other cartoon characters who should follow suit and live out loud. Anyone who grew up watching Looney Tunes knows that Bugs Bunny not only has a penchant for drag, but also looks damn good in makeup.

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universethe cartoon that ran from and then forever in syndication, was "the gayest show that has ever been on TV," Chlopecki asserts, with absolute certainty. As a lifelong fan of the franchise, who first discovered the toys before the show even began running, he's had a long time to think about this. And the reasons he lays out in the latest episode of The Fandom Files are pretty unimpeachable.


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