Anthony Barr is going to hit the free-agent market looking for new opportunities. However, Vikings can still prevent him from becoming a free and unrestricted agent when a franchise window opens in the next month.

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Anthony Barr will hit the free-agent market

  • As the offseason keeps progressing, it seems that Anthony Barr is the state of limbo. It’s quite likely that he will enter the free-agent market in his search of new opportunities. Vikings can prevent him from becoming a free agent too. Wager on their future games with pinup.
  • Anthony Barr understands that this moment keeps approaching, he isn’t interested in the pending free agency can play out. He will let it dictate itself. He also states that things are going to happen out of his control.
  • Barr details an ongoing and long process that’s in his mind. When Vikings didn’t offer a long-term contract with him, it was obvious that he will hit the free-agent market. He states the desire to stay in the team, but the future is still unclear. Barr is sure that he will have many options to choose from within a few months because he knows his worth.
  • His last season has ups and downs, including the hamstring injury keeping him away from the consistent play for weeks. Vikings can give him a good raise by putting a franchise tag. If Anthony Barr hits the free agency, his chance to get a new contract will draw many teams willing to take advantage of his talents.